About Us

High-Quality, Sexy Swimwear for Today’s Bold and Beautiful Beach Babes

Developed with the ultimate #BeachBabe in mind, Swimwearlicious provides high quality bikinis at an affordable price, that feature premium fabrics that feel expensive and luxurious against skin.

Through sourcing only the sexiest, most high-quality swimsuits, Swimwearlicious is redefining the way women everywhere think about swimwear, by offering body empowering sexy designs that fit like a glove, but still manage to offer plenty of support and style.

And since our site is stocked solely with one-of-a-kind pieces you can’t find in stores, our customers can enjoy standing out and embracing their unique style. You see, our customer believes, just like us, that standing out is SO much more fun than blending in!

Plus, with a wide selection of sexy fits, bright colors, trendy patterns, and much more, there’s truly something for to flatter every shape, size, and skin tone.

So go ahead babe, and strut your stuff! After all, it’s suits like ours that were made for helping you shine and show off how beautiful you truly are, inside and out.

Welcome to a new wave of swimwear. Welcome to Swimwearlicious.