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Care Instructions

Steps for keeping bathing suit beautiful.
  1. Rinse swimsuit off right after wearing and wash it well when you get home. This will minimize harsh agents exposure (sunscreen, perspiration, salt, and chlorine) to the fabric
  2. Wash your bathing suit by hand. Washing machine can damage the fabrics even if set on the gentle cycle. The Color might fade because of that. Or leave a spot on your other clothes.
  3. Don't use laundry detergent. laundry detergents are far too harsh for most spandex swimwear and will often cause the color to fade, especially brighter colors.
  4. Don't wring out your swimsuit. It’s the fastest way to wear out spandex. It loses its shape and elasticity.
  5. Don't dry your swimsuit in the dryer. Tumbling and heat are a quick way to ruin your swimwear.
  6. Don’t hang your bikini to dry as water pooling at the bottom will stretch out the fibers.
  7. Dry the suit indoors or in the shade. Direct sun will fade the colors.

That’s it! Just hand wash it and lay flat on the towel.